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Journal Articles

Cheek JW, Biondi F, Sibold JS & Tausch R (2012) Fuel analysis and potential fire behavior in mixed conifer woodlands of the Great Basin, Nevada, USA. Physical Geography 33: 205-228.

Strachan S, Biondi F & Leising J (2012) A 550-year reconstruction of streamflow variability in Spring Valley, Nevada, USA. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)WR.1943-5452.0000180.

Conference Presentations

Biondi F & Strachan S (2012) Dendrohydrology in 2050: Challenges and Opportunities. Pp. 355-362 in W.M. Grayman, D.P. Loucks, and L. Saito (editors), Toward a Sustainable Water Future: Visions for 2050, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Reston, Virginia.

Fenstermaker LF, Jasoni RL, Arnone JA III & Devitt D.A. (2012) Impact of pixel versus footprint approaches on empirically derived ET estimates from Landsat TM. Remote Sensing and Hydrology. Proceedings of a symposium held at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, IAHS Publication 352).

Fenstermaker L, Strachan S, McCurdy G, Bird B, Devitt D, Biondi F, Arnone J, Saito L, Jasoni R, Johnson B & Lyles B (2012) NevCAN: Monitoring Climate Variability and Change along Two Elevation Gradients. Poster Session, EPSCoR Tri-State Western Consortium, Sun Valley, Idaho.

Kruse K, Saito L, Fenstermaker L, Devitt D, Strachan S, Morris C & Weltz M (2012) Using Runoff Collectors to Understand Surface Runoff Characteristics in Remote Nevada Catchments. Abstract H31G-1214, Poster Session: Using Field Measurements and Experiments to Advance Science II, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco.

Mensing S, Strachan S, Biondi F, Devitt D, Fenstermaker F, Arnone J, Saito L, Bird B, Lyles B, McCurdy G, Lancaster N & Piechota T (2012) Introducing NevCAN: The Nevada Climate-ecohydrological Assessment Network of Real-Time Very High Resolution Environmental Data in the Great Basin. Plenary session, MTNCLIM 2012, Estes Park.

Strachan S, Arnone J, Biondi F, Devitt D, Fenstermaker L & Saito L (2012) Measuring Climate and Environmental Response in the Great Basin - the NevCAN long-term monitoring sites. Paper Session: "Climate Change and Landscape Response," EPSCoR Tri-State Western Consortium, Sun Valley, Idaho.

Strachan S, Biondi F & Johnson B (2012) Instrumenting the Conifers: A Look at Daily Tree Growth and Locally Observed Environmental Conditions Across Four Mountain Sites in the Central Great Basin, USA. Abstract B21B-0349, Poster Session: Climate Impacts on Ecosystems Quantified Using a Combination of Proxy Records and Instrumented Observatories II, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco.

Strachan S, Lyles B, Bird B, McCurdy G & Slater D (2012) Welcome to the Future: Status of the NV-EPSCoR Remote Environmental Monitoring Transect Stations, Snake and Sheep Ranges, Nevada. Poster Session, Annual State NSF EPSCoR Climate Change Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Strachan S, Slater D, Lyles B, Smith K & M. McMahon (2012) Critical Infrastructure: Design of Interdisciplinary Remote Environmental Monitoring Stations. Poster Session, MTNCLIM 2012, Estes Park.